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    US | Attention pension plan sponsors: Hold on tight, you’re in for a bumpy year-end.

US | Attention pension plan sponsors: Hold on tight, you’re in for a bump...

Oct 21, 2014|Defined Benefit Pensions, Health, Plan Design, Risk Management, Wealth|

Most plans will be looking at a 20%+ increase in benefits liability at year-end with almost no increase in the asset value backing those benefits

UK | What Can You Do on Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Oct 10, 2014|Health|

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We could probably do with a wake-up call and there is nowhere this is more needed than in the workplace.

UK | Older Workers, Your Country Needs You

Oct 8, 2014|Retirement Readiness, Wealth|

The UK government is keen to keep people working longer as new report shows that one million over 65s now choose to stay in work.

UK | The Health Status of Older People Is Cause for Concern

Oct 2, 2014|Health, Wealth, Wellness|

The UK needs more joined up thinking around health and social care as recent reports highlight the public health impacts of loneliness and the need for the UK to work on age-friendly communities.

Global | Pay-to-Quit: The Next Cool Thing in HR Strategy?

Oct 1, 2014|Career, Compensation, Knowledge, Research|

Rewarding unhappy employees to quit is an innovative way of rooting out unproductive, disengaged employees, but will it gain momentum?