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UK | Error in the current Pension Schemes Bill

Dec 18, 2014|Defined Contribution Retirement Savings, Legislation and Regulations|

If the defect in the Bill is not rectified, there will now be a surplus or shortfall on almost every transfer from a DC pension scheme.

UK | 16 Days of Action against Domestic Violence

Dec 3, 2014|Health, Wellness|

If you haven’t yet addressed domestic violence within your workplace wellbeing strategy, the 16 Days to Action Campaign can act as a focal point to inspire change.

Global | The Care and Handling of Older Workers

Dec 2, 2014|Career, Health, Knowledge, Legislation and Regulations, People and Performance, Wellness|

As the workforce matures, employers most likely will face the challenge of accommodating older employees.

US | Award for Improving Retirement Readiness

Nov 24, 2014|Defined Contribution Retirement Savings, HR Technology, Retirement Plan Design, Retirement Readiness, Wealth|

The award recognizes those “ahead of the herd, those making new and unusual changes designed to improve participants’ retirement income security.”

UK | Debunking the Myth around Small Pension Pots

Nov 24, 2014|Wealth|

A database of pension pots would be incredibly valuable and far more cost effective for members and the industry than pension pots following member.