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US | Pension Lump Sum Windows: Are they right for you?

Sep 16, 2014|Defined Benefit Pensions, Risk Management, Wealth|

The time may be right for DB plan sponsors to offer terminated vested participants a payout through lump sum windows.

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    Global | New Xerox radio episode discusses results of Buck Consultants Global Wellness Survey

Global | New Xerox radio episode discusses results of Buck Consultants Glob...

Sep 10, 2014|Health, Surveys, Wellness|

The results from our latest research confirm that employers throughout the world continue to invest in wellness. In practice, however, challenges persist.

UK | Are Insurers Feathering Their NEST?

Sep 9, 2014|Knowledge, Legislation and Regulations, Wealth|

It’s in the best interest of the consumer to lift restrictions and let NEST and the pension providers compete fairly.

UK | Wake-up to Workplace Wellbeing Month in September

Sep 9, 2014|Health, Wellness|

‘Wake up to Workplace Wellbeing’ is an initiative designed to encourage UK businesses to think about how they look after the wellbeing of their employees.

UK | Pension industry awaiting rulings on scheme transfers

Sep 4, 2014|Legislation and Regulations, Wealth|

Pensions Ombudsman joins trustees between a rock and a hard thing when it comes to decisions about pension scheme transfers.